Friday, January 5, 2007

Passion or Obsession

This was originally posted at Schwablearning Parent to Parent Message Board on 5/12/04. I thought it would be appropriate to use this as my intro and trial post. Here it goes:

Lately, I have been noticing how consumed I am about researching, learning and talking about learning disabilities, specially with regards to my son.

The other day, as I sat at a T-ball game, one of the parents's G (my son) doing? My response was "Oh he's doing a lot better!". Then she asked, "why, was he sick?" I suddenly realized that she was just asking a casual "how are you" and there I was ready to explain how G's tutoring and med has tremendously helped him in school, and how his behavior is improving.

The other night when I found a time to watch a DVD/VHS of my choice to relax...I found my self choosing to watch Rick Lavoie's videos. Mind you, I've watched these at least 5 times already and yet given the choice, I chose to watch it over the commercial DVD's we have. And guess what? I still thoroughly enjoyed it as I learn new things and got reminded of the techniques I am slowly forgetting.

Eventhough I already am a very busy mom and wife, I still chose to put together a workshop for the parents of kids with learning disability. I got very excited when I a few parents signed-up already when I haven't even fully advertised it.

I spend most of my free time reading and researching about LD and stories of people with LD. When I go to the bookstore, most of the time I go straight to the Special Education section. The thing is, I am enjoying this. I don't feel it's a burden at all. Am I getting obsessed with this? Ahh...I think I am not. I believe this is PASSION, NOT OBSESSION. The same passion that drove Jesus to the cross because of his love for us, is the same passion that I have about helping my learning disabled son (to those with different religious belief, pardon me for the religious analogy, I can’t help it as it’s a personal conviction of mine).

Anyone has a dictionary? I can't find mine :)

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