Saturday, February 10, 2007

Posts from My Other Blog

If you came here from a place other than my other blog LIZA'S EYEVIEW, then you haven't read my posts there yet about LD related issues and stuff. I posted them there before I decided to start a blog specific to LD. So here's the link to those posts: CLICK HERE

I will probably repost some of it here later..but for now, please go there and check it out.

The Blog Plan

If you visited this site ... i am assuming you're interested in this topic.

Please keep on coming back because this site will be full of resources that will help you parent your child with learning disabilities. In fact if you're the one with LD, this will tremendously help you too.

I'm just a little overwhelmed with the many things i need to do..but believe me - this blog will be one of the best blog on LD :)

I will Feature:
1. Reviews of best Books on helping kids with LD
2. Reviews on best books for LD kids (oh, you'd love these)
3. Recommended DVD's (Teaching and LD related) - My favorite is Rick Lavoie and that will be my first review. Watch for it!
4. And more!!!!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

I'm stuck!

So much to little time...

1. Get legal paperwork - non-profit status (a friend lawyer already said he'd have his office assist me - for free!)
2. Learn how to apply for grants (maybe K from Schwab can help?)
3. Write Objectives, Goals, etc.
3. Write Grant Application

In the meantime (while waiting to do the above)
1. Create a blog (I need technical support!)
2. Maintain Blog (I need help with blogging)
3. Find Blog Sponsors
4. Advertise Blog
5. Hold Workshops